Free Shipping Policy:

We will Ship For Free all Lithium Batteries and Ecoflow products anywhere in Canada with Canada Post up to a maximum of 59lbs or a cost of $40 per product. Products weighing over 59lbs requires special handing and higher costs and certain remote areas of Canada can be over $40 which eliminates our margins on products. Please call Jack Abrams about shipping. We will work with you and will often cover half of the shipping cost if the product you purchase is over 59lbs or the shipping cost is over $40.

Product Return Policy, Special Order Products and Out of Stock or Inbound Delay Situations:

We accept product returns for any reason up to 21 days from product delivery date to the customer. Product must be returned by shipment at the customers cost or to our location in Milton, Ontario. The product must be in new, perfect condition. There will be a 5% restocking fee for product that is returned for reasons other than manufacturer defects and any transaction fees for Paypal or Square Credit Card transactions will also be withheld from the refund amount. Paypal and Square Credit Card transaction fees are 3%.

For a product return for reasons other than manufacturer defects, we will refund our customer within 48 hours from the receipt of the product. There will be a 5% restocking fee and any Paypal or Square Transaction fees will also be deducted from the value of the refund. Paypal or Square Credit Card Transaction fees are 3%.

For manufacturers warranty returns, we will support our customers through the warranty return process with our suppliers. Please see warranty policies from our suppliers below.

Out of Stock or Special Order Policy: The vast majority of the batteries, power stations and solar panels are regularly stocked at our shop in Milton, Ontario. If by chance we are out of stock, we can usually be fulfilled by our suppliers within 2-14 days. Should you purchase a product that is incoming on an order from one of our suppliers or that we need to special order, our policy is that we have 20 days from date of purchase to supply the product you have purchased prior to a refund if a refund is requested. Should a customer cancel an order due to an out of stock situation, we will deduct 3% for Paypal or Square transaction fees for all order cancellations. There are some products that we showcase on our website that are considered special order. An example is the 12V 560AH Dakota Lithium Battery and large 48V batteries. If we special order a product for a customer and the customer cancels the order, there will be a 5% restocking fee adn any Paypal or Square Credit Card Transaction fees of 3% will also be deducted from the refund. Should you have any questions about out inventory on hand, please call Jack Abrams at 905 299 7841 or email [email protected]. Thank you:)


Dakota Lithium:

Dakota Lithium offers an Industry Leading Warranty Program with an 11 Year Warranty from Manufacturer defects. They truly stand behind their product and brand which is one of the major reasons we distribute their LiFePO4 deep cycle batteries.

For any issues with your Dakota Lithium Battery please contact [email protected] and copy [email protected] so we are in the loop.

All Warranty or Battery Performance issues are handled directly by Dakota Lithium US technical support department. They are extremely helpful and will assist you in trouble shooting your battery in the unlikely event of an issue. You will need your proof of purchase and serial number.

This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse or modifications of the battery or normal wear and tear. If it is deemed that the battery was used improperly, you will be subject to a $150 an hour repair charge plus parts and shipping.

Dakota Lithium 12V to 48V batteries are not intended or warrantied for serial wiring applications above 48V.


ECOFLOW offers a 2 Year Warranty: Please follow steps below

How to claim your warranty?

Step 1

Claim your warranty on :

(Find Your Product’s Serial Number:

Step 2

Contact EcoFlow Customer Service Team at [email protected] or +1 (800)-368-8604 and describe the issue with your unit. EcoFlow will respond with an email asking specific questions about your unit and the serial number of your unit. They will also request a short video to show the issues.

Step 3

While the Customer Service Representative processes the claim, you will receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form.

If your item is eligible for EcoFlow Warranty Policy, you will received a prepaid shipping label*. Please follow the instructions on how to properly package and return the item safely. Please follow the instructions above before you ship out the products.

*Please note that EcoFlow will only provide prepaid return shipping labels for return packages in the U.S., Canada and Europe. For return in other countries and areas, please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected] for more details.

**Instruction on how to properly package and return the item safely.

Step 4

EcoFlow will proceed with replacement 15 business days* after confirming that the defective item is received at our warehouse. The final resolution is subject to the availability of the replacement items.

All replacement items will follow the same warranty time frame of the original defective item or 3 months after being replaced, whichever is later.

*Please note that delivery is subject to changes caused by force majeure.

Warranty on TRU Off Grid Portable Solar Panels:

For any issues with a TRU Off Grid 28 Watt, 60 Watt or 110 Watt portable solar panel please contact [email protected] Please describe your issue with the panel, application and we’ll get right back to you.

We offer a 1 Year exchange Manufacturers Warranty against defects to ETFE coated monocrystalline solar panels. We do not warranty water, moisture, snow or impact damage to the solar panels or solar panel junction box.

Although rare, the most common issue is damage to the USB A, USB C and DC Charge Junction Box. If there is any moisture on your USB A or USB C lightening cable, it will short out the junction box which is not repairable. If a junction box is completely damaged will offer you a 25% discount on a replacement panel.


For all customer requested refunds we will refund the full amount of the product purchase price less any Paypal Transcation Fees incurred by TRU Off Grid during the transactions. Paypal charges 2.9% of the inbound value of the product purchase and and 2.9% is charged to us for the outbound refund. We will deduct these fees from the final refund.