LYNAC Lithium 12V 100Ah with BLUETOOTH Monitoring on the LYNAC Intel Plus App from your Smartphone. In Stock at TRU Off Grid and On Sale for 999.00


In Stock at TRU Off Grid is the very popular 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Ion (LFP) Battery with BLUETOOTH Monitoring through the LYNAC Intel Plus App. The LYNAC App features has extensive monitoring features including adjustable parameters, remote off switch for Charging and Discharging and can be downloaded on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Please call Jack Abrams at 905 299 7841 for more information

Also crafted with the perfect combination of size, weight, and power.

This rock solid 12.8V 100Ah battery is ideal for Van, RV, Overlanding, Trolling Motors, Commercial Applications and Off Grid Solar Systems.
With Bluetooth Monitoring through the LYNAC Intel Plus App.

7 Year Warranty

Charger Not Included.




Product Model: LT 12.8V 100Ah B – True Series
Rated Capacity: 120Ah @ (0.2C) (25℃), 1536Wh
Nominal Voltage: 12.8 Vdc
Cycle Life: 2000 @ 0.2C (100% DOD), 6000 @ 0.2C (80% DOD), 10000 @ 0.2C (50% DOD)
Dimensions: BCI Group Fit 31, 12.99” x 6.77” x 8.46” (330 × 172 × 215 mm)
Weight: 30lbs (13.75 kg)
Battery Management System: 4 Series Software: Current, Voltage, Short Circuit, Cell Balancing, High Temp
Cells: IFR 26650 – 3.2Vdc – 3600mAh – LiFePO4, 4S32P
Charging Method: Constant Current – Constant Voltage (CC – CV): (0.2C to 14.4Vdc) – (14.4Vdc to 0.01C)
Voltage Limits: 14.6Vdc, Discharge: 10Vdc
Current Limits: 120Adc, Discharge: 120Adc continuous
Temperature Limits: Charge 0 ~ 45°C, Discharge -20 ~ 55°C, Storage -20 ~ 55°C
Connectivity: 4 Units (51.2Vdc 120Ah), Parallel: Unlimited* (12.8Vdc)
Terminal Connector: Brass M8 Screw, Torque = 28N.m = 21ft.lbs
Certifications: UN 38.3, UL1642, IEC626619-3600, 3.2V26650 CB IEC62133
Ingress Protection: IP65


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