Our 4kW ECOFLOW Independence Power Kit (48V) creates a comfortable living environment for your RV, Cottage, Camp, Out Building or Small Home and are expandable to 10kW or 15kWh extra batteries. Please Contact Jack Abrams 905 299 7841. We sell Power Kits in 2kW, 4kW, 5kW, 10kW and 15kW configurations which can be integrated with up to 4800 Watts of Solar Panels.

The 4kW Indpendence Includes:

1x Power Hub

2x 2kWh LFP Battery (LiFePO4)

1x Cable Pack

1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel

1x Power Kit Console

2x Battery Mounting Straps

This 4kWh Independence Power Kit offers energy for carefree off-grid living and RV trips. Expand this kit to 10 or 15 kWh by adding another 5kW battery. 

Easy Set Up: The integrated EcoFlow Power Hub has a simple plug-and-play design, allowing you to expand and customize your kit faster than any other power solution on the market.

Save Space: EcoFlow Power Hub combines two MPPT solar charge controllers, one battery charger with MPPT, one DC-DC step-down converter, and an inverter-charger. With fewer modules and thinner wires, this 48V system saves you space and installation hassle.

Charge Your Way: EcoFlow Power Kits support multiple charging methods. Get plenty of solar power, use your alternator, plug in shore power, or even use an EcoFlow Smart Generator for emergency charging.

4 Charging Methods: You might be on the road, but there are plenty of ways to charge, and fast. We’ve designed a new range of rigid and flexible solar panels giving your RV, Van, Cottage or Home a solar input of up to 4800W*. Use your alternator to recharge with 1000W. Spending the night on a campsite? Then take advantage of shore power for an extra 3000W. Caught short or poor sunlight? Rely on our Smart Generator for emergency backup.