Ecoflow Delta Pro 3.6KW Lithium Generator and the Ecoflow Dual Fuel Smart Generator Package.

This package is ideal to ensure back up to your Delta Pro when sunny days are not in the forecast. The 3.6kW Delta Pro can be powered or pre-charged at home by AC Power, 12V Vehicle Outlet or by 1600 Watts of Solar Power. From time to time, solar conditions are not ideal to power up the Delta Pro. Ecoflow designed the Dual Fuel Generator to provide efficient back up power to your Delta Pro.

With a 1600W-1800W*1 output and a 4L gasoline tank, you can generate 5.4kWh in gasoline or even 20kWh with LPG*2. That gives you hours up to 12.5 hours of runtime with LPG alone. Connect that to your DELTA Pro or Delta 2 Max to charge up when you’re all out of other options. All while using less fuel, producing less noise, and producing fewer emissions.