Clearance Deal: DAKOTA LITHIUM POWERBOX 60 – The 12V 60Ah WATERPROOF, DUAL PURPOSE DEEP CYCLE and STARTING 1000CCA Lithium Battery Generator


We have a Clearance Deal on the DAKOTA LITHIUM POWERBOX 60.

The Powerbox 60 is a 12V 60AH WATERPROOF LITHIUM GENERATOR designed for off grid applications in harsh environments such as Hunting or Ice Fishing. The POWERBOX 135 is a Self-Heating and Dual-Purpose starting battery with 1000 CCA and a 135AH Deep Cycle Lithium LiFePO4 battery all in one. You can power a large ice fishing hut, a job site or a hunt camp. This 12V 60Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Generator can be charged with home or on grid AC power before you go out and by solar when you out on the ice or tundra. This beast has the energy to start a truck, power your adventure and has a built in 300 Watt inverter with AC plugs and USB to power your laptop, CPAP, medical devices, fans or even a small fridge.

Free Shipping in Ontario. Contact Jack at 905 299 7841 to calculate shipping outside Ontario.




The DAKOTA LITHIUM POWERBOX 60WATERPROOF Battery Pack is designed as a waterproof and submersible mobile power station and solar generator for use in extreme environments. The Powerbox+ 6- is designed to power many passions. Jump start a car with over 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) of engine starting power. Power your devices and smaller appliances with 60 amp hours (720 Wh) of deep cycle Dakota Lithium energy. Efficiently charge phones, laptops, camera equipment, TVs, monitors, portable fridges, medical devices, power tools, and more via the 2 AC wall plugs or the 6 USB ports. Connect jumper cables to the automotive grade battery posts to access up to 1,000 CCA of car engine starting power or use the waterproof binder posts to run high amp applications like 12V trolling motors. All in one waterproof lithium battery so light that it floats.




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