DAKOTA LITHIUM POWERBOX 60, a 12V 60AH Generator with Deep Cycle and Starting 1000 CCA Power. We have one in Stock at our shop in Milton, Ontario and offer Free Shipping across Canada.

The POWERBOX 60 is a 12V 60AH WATERPROOF LITHIUM GENERATOR designed for off grid applications in harsh environments such as Camping, Hunting or Ice Fishing. The POWERBOX 60 is a Dual-Purpose 12V 60AH Starting Battery with 1000 CCA and Deep Cycle Lithium LiFePO4 battery all in one. You can power an ice fishing hut, a job site or a hunt camp. This 12V 60Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Generator can be charged with home or on grid AC power before you go out and by solar when you out on the ice or tundra. This beast has the energy to start a truck, power your adventure and has a built in 300 Watt inverter with AC plugs and USB to power your laptop, CPAP, medical devices, fans or even a small fridge.

Free Shipping in Ontario. Contact Jack at 905 299 7841