Spring Specials on Portable Solar Panels and Dakota Lithium LiFeP04 Batteries

TRU Off Grid supplies Portable Solar Panels, DAKOTA  Lithium LiFePO4Batteries, ECOFLOW Powerstations and Micro Off Grid (Panel to Inverter) Solutions

TRU Off Grid 110 Watt Portable Solar Panel

Our Solutions:

Camping and RV: Our TRU 28 Watt, 60 Watt and TRU 110 Watt Portable Solar Panels will solar charge your devices, portable lithium power stations or your RV battery bank. We distribute the ECOFLOW Lithium Power Stations

Fishing, Trolling and Mobility: The DAKOTA Lithium LiFePO4 batteries to power Fish Finders, Small and Large Trolling Motors and Mobility Scooters.

Van Life, RV, Golf Carts, Energy Storage: The Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 deep cycle batteries ranging from 12V 100AH, 12V 200AH

Cold Weather and Starter/Cranking Batteries: The Dakota Lithium DL+ dual purpose 12V 60ah and 12V 135 Ah dual purpose starting batteries with deep cycle.

Off Grid Solar Systems: Complete Off Grid solar system project assessment, specification, pricing and installation

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TRU Off Grid: Powering Life Anywhere in Canada. Our 2022 Season Solar Panel, Power Station and Dakota LiFePO4 Battery Specials are on every month!

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Powering Life Anywhere

ECO-Friendly Solar Power for your Off Grid Adventure, Off Grid Cabin, Van or RV

We are a growing business located in Milton, Ontario and our mission at TRU Off Grid is to bring clean, green, safe and silent off grid power solutions to Canadians. With TRU Off Grid, it's easy to power your devices or your cabin with sustainable and clean energy.

We supply our own brand of portable and foldable 28 Watt, 60 Watt and 110 Watt solar charger panels and sell both the ECOFLOW line up of portable power stations and the DAKOTA LITHIUM line up of batteries to charge your devices, power bank or your "Off Grid" cottage. Our products are durable, high quality and cost effective and are Canadian or US designed. We provide personable and local service and support for our products and handle all warranty issues locally as well.